What SD-WAN solution should you be choosing? + Read More

Let’s make it short and sweet for the individuals reading this post that may not know what SD-WAN is:

It is a cloud-delivered overlay WAN architecture which enables digital and cloud transformation for enterprises. This technology ensures a predictable user experience for applications, and is a must-have if you’re looking to provides a seamless multi-cloud architecture experience while integrating security. All of this comes with a hugely simplified operational experience and rich analytics to help your organization literally save thousands of dollars.

I know what you’re thinking… sounds complicated, cool, and a little boring at the same time. Why should I care? Well, to the best answer that, here’s a laundry list of advantages to you and your organization:

• Create a predictable application experience using multiple hybrid links with real-time steering based on SLA policies
• Zero-trust network security and segmentation
• Integrated security comprising enterprise firewall, IPS, AMP, DNS-layer enforcement, URL filtering, and antivirus
• Seamless public cloud expansion and SaaS optimization
• Centralized management, zero-touch provisioning, and a high degree of automation
• Rich analytics for visibility, troubleshooting, and planning
• Highly scalable to 10,000+ locations

As great as the above sounds, your organization is unique and may have diverse requirements. Here’s a break down to help you choose the correct SD-WAN solution for your organization (there are two versions of SD-WAN, see the below for a comparison):



Cisco’s SD-WAN powered by Meraki is ideal for lean IT environments in which full stack management of WAN, LAN, and security is valued, along with simple management, orchestration, and automation, or where
Meraki is the predominant architecture.

Cisco’s SD-WAN powered by Viptela is for enterprises with sophisticated environments needing customization and advanced routing, for secure isolation of enterprise assets using segmentation, or for optimizing connectivity to multi-cloud or SaaS applications.

SD-WAN core features (Meraki and Viptela)

• Basic 2-link overlay with LTE backup
• Links: Ethernet, LTE
• Hub and spoke, full mesh, partial mesh
• Cloud management
• Basic BGP
• Platforms for on-premises and cloud deployments

• DIA plus security
• Virtual platforms for AWS and Azure

• Enterprise firewall (1400+ apps)
• IPS, URL filtering, and cloud security
• Talos™ powered threat intelligence

SD-WAN premium features (Viptela only)

• Overlay with 3+ links and LTE active-active
• Links: Ethernet, LTE active plus T1, E1, and DSL
• Hub and spoke, full mesh, partial mesh with multiple VPNs
• Cloud-managed or on-premise managed
• Full routing support: BGP, OSPF, VRRP, IPv6, and multicast
• Platforms for on-premises, cloud, and virtual deployments
• TCP optimization, WAN acceleration, and WAN optimization

• DIA plus security plus real-time SaaS optimizations
• Virtual platforms for AWS, Azure, and GCP
• Map VPCs and VNETs to SD-WAN segments

• Enterprise firewall (1400+ apps)
• IPS, URL filtering, and cloud security
• Talos powered threat intelligence
• Segmentation for isolation of business partners, lines of business, and M&A

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