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CMN Keeps Current - Recognized for Global Certification Achievement
CMN recently made headlines when it became the first Canadian firm to obtain 3 Cisco Powered Services Certifications at one time. Indeed, it is one of few Global Provider Partners to do so.

This level of training is one part of Cloud Managed Networks' commitment to its clients. CMN ensures that all employees stay on top of business and technology trends, evolving product features and benefits, as well as consumer needs. We invest heavily in certification training with all major manufacturers, and see to it that Account Managers also get training from leading business schools such as the Schulich School of Business. That way, we are well-positioned to help provide the advice that will address your current needs, while laying a solid foundation to help you grow and achieve your long-term objectives.

To achieve the Premier Provider status mentioned above, partners must pass the Cisco Powered Services audit. The audit has stringent criteria in terms of demonstrating expertise in deploying solutions, ensuring faultless integration of technologies and providing outstanding customer experiences.

On August 4, 2023, Cloud Managed Networks obtained the special designation for Meraki Access, Meraki Security and Meraki SD-WAN. This is a huge accomplishment and a testament to Cloud Managed Networks' capabilities and its close working relationship with Cisco.

CMN has strong, deep relationships with each of its manufacturer partners. We work closely with them to understand how new technologies are being developed and to provide feedback about client needs
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Our commitment to keeping current, and its expertise on cybersecurity, has also been recognized on the global stage. To wit, we were invited to present content on Cybersecurity and Cloud Migration 2.0 at the 2023 United Nations General Asssembly.
Digital transformation looks different for every company.
Whether you’re in agriculture, education, healthcare, manufacturing, retail or any other enterprise, big or small, we can help you choose and integrate the right digital technology into all areas of your organisation.
What do you want for your company, today and tomorrow?

What kind of a company do you need to be today to serve your customers and employees well? Where and how will you compete tomorrow? How can evolving technology be leveraged to your advantage? These are the kinds of questions we ask our clients.

Why? Because we are committed to ensuring your IT networks and connected devices enable you to operate smoothly and seamless today, and achieve your goals for tomorrow.

As our CEO often says, “Sure we’re a great IT resource, but we’re really a business outcomes company.”
Business is evolving. So are our IT tools.
Business is changing faster than at any time in history. Managed properly, Big Data can yield powerful insights critical to strategic decisions. AI and machine learning give us the capability to transform customers relationships and experiences, to improve business processes and become more nimble.

As part of this digital transformation, there will be more and more migration of data and processes to the cloud.

As cloud migration specialists and a key supplier of cloud-based solutions, we are uniquely positioned to help you at every step of your evolution.

Clients also look to us for guidance in complementary business areas, because we are also a leader in end-to-end Business Process Management and Application Systems Analysis, as well as Design and Implementation that includes major E-Commerce platforms, ERPs and custom apps.
Impenetrable IT.

Personal data hijacked. Corporate processes held hostage. Hospital procedures halted. These are the things of network administrator nightmares because it’s no longer a matter of if, but when. Today’s cyber attackers are smart, organized and well-funded. Last year alone, $6,000,000,000,000 was lost because of online attacks. The average cost to Canadian companies? $243 per person, per breach – not to mention the loss of productivity and reputation. Tough new legislation means companies can’t afford the other penalties that come with such breaches, either.

It’s no secret that most attacks come through emails, so most IT specialists focus their energies on communication and think they’ve got it covered. But what about the other devices connecting to your network? The new copier, fridge, scrolling sign, wireless headset, and so many other seemingly harmless devices, can all open your network up for hackers to wreak havoc.

In this day and age, there’s no such thing as impenetrable IT fortress. But we can come close. Cloud Managed Networks works with the world’s best threat assessment and protection company to bring you solutions that will help you sleep at night.

Impenetrable IT. Impossible.