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Cisco SD-WAN offers an innovative way to manage and operate your WAN infrastructure. A cloud-delivered secure, flexible and rich services architecture that delivers the best user experience over any WAN connection.

Cisco purchased Viptela as a way to complement Cisco’s Digital Network Architecture (DNA) and reinforce the value that both companies and their users place on security, flexibility, virtualization, simplicity, automation and analytics. Now that  Viptela is Cisco SD-WAN, Cisco can now offer customers a better alternative to Amazon Web Services (AWS) as well as provide customers with a solution that works in tandem with AWS. Cisco’s acquisition of Viptela—according to to Nirav Sheth, vice president of solutions, architecture and engineering for Cisco’s Global Partner Organization—is part of their commitment “to expanding the relationship around” the AWS marketplace. Many current Viptela customers use AWS to access Viptela technology, enabling them to better manage their network while receiving a user experience that feels as if the customer’s resources are hosted in the company’s own data centers.

The shift from MPLS to SD-WAN

Enormous transformations in enterprise networking are underway as Software Defined Networking (SDN) moves into the local and wide area networks (LAN and WAN). Customers are discovering that the traditional WAN—based on Multiprotocol Label Switching (MPLS)—is unable to supply the tremendous amount of bandwidth needed in a cost-effective manner to handle the surge in mobile devices, IoT and media-rich applications used to improve productivity and efficiency and reduce costs.

Digital transformation through intent-based networking

Cisco’s intent-based networking solutions constantly learn, adapt, automate and protect, providing organizations with an intelligent and secure platform to achieve digital transformation. Viptela compliments intent-based networking by delivering a robust SD-WAN solution that offers advanced routing, segmentation and security capabilities for interconnecting complex enterprise networks. Its cloud-based network management, orchestration and overlay technologies help simplify the deployment and management of SD-WAN. Viptela also fits into Cisco’s transition to a software-centric, subscription-led networking model, providing increased value to customers.

Achieve operational simplicity

Viptela architecture is built on a single control plane in order to integrate policy, security, routing, segmentation and management. The result: operational simplicity. All major change control functions can be performed in a few hours, instead of taking months, while simultaneously providing a host of sophisticated enterprise-grade features.

Alignment in company culture

Both of Viptela’s founders, Amir Khan and Khalid Raza, are former Cisco executives. Current Viptela CEO, Praveen Akkiraju, had held various executive roles at Cisco for nearly 20 years, including senior vice president and general manager of enterprise networking & cloud infrastructure. With an identically deep understanding of the business, the technology and the needs of customers, users of Viptela and Cisco products will experience the same dedication to customer support and innovation that they’ve come to expect.

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