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Visibility Control
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An increasing reliance on Internet access for corporate productivity has created an expectation of high performance and ubiquitous connectivity in the enterprise. In parallel, bring your own device (BYOD) and cloud computing trends have led to a rapid proliferation in the number of devices and applications used in enterprise networks. These factors can strain traditional networks and create issues such as bottlenecks in network performance. It is often considered important to deliver high performance and application optimization within the context of constrained costs, finite bandwidth capacity, and an expectation to deliver a minimum quality of service (QoS) for critical applications. Meeting these requirements can be challenging for budget and time-constrained IT departments.
The Value of Application Visibility
  •  Ability to create and apply custom application signatures and traffic shaping policies
  •  Leverage the power of its cloud platform for rapid aggregation, analysis and customized presentation of statistics based on adjustable variables.

    An emerging use of application visibility is to leverage data collected by your network to enhance customer engagement via interactive campaigns and targeted experiences. Understanding the flow of applications, users, and time spent can help the marketing department of a retail outlet or hotspot provider answer the age-old question: ‘What are my users doing?’ This level of visibility and the actionable data it provides is yet another reason to require application-layer visibility in networking infrastructure.

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