Yelp Wifi - Wi-Fi Marketing & Proximity Solutions

Get the most out of Guest Wi-Fi by leveraging it for marketing, to grow contact lists, automate promotions and drive revenue

Offer Wi-Fi Hotspot

Your venue offers a Wi-Fi hotspot as a value add and customers are directed to your custom branded log-in page.

Customer Joins Wi-Fi

Visitors connect to your Wi-Fi via a social profile, email, or phone number which generates a targeted marketing list.

Customer Gets Rewards

Gain the ability to reward and retain your customers with automated messaging and digital coupons.

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Results From Our Clients
  • Yelp Wifi powers over 5,000 locations in more than 30 countries
  • 8x increase in customer visits per location
  • 200+ unique customer opt-ins per month per location
  • Yelp Wifi has clients globally like Burger King and Subway Restaurants
  • 2x increase in loyalty and customer engagement
  • 10/10 rating for administrator interface

Features of Yelp Wifi Social Wi-Fi

Custom splash page

Style to match your brand, showcase your merchandise or promote daily deals and upcoming events.

URL redirect

Upon authentication, send users to your Facebook, Twitter or Instagram page to increase your social presence. Alternatively, you can send connected users to your website to learn more about your business.

Authentication methods

Allow users to connect through 6 different authentication methods – Facebook, Twitter, Google plus, LinkedIn, Email or Phone.

Yelp Wifi - Proximity Marketing

“I love the ability to run promotions with Yelp Wifi Campaigns. It’s a very intuitive process and for a small business owner there’s not a lot of work to put into it, it’s kind of immediate and you can just run it and see the results right away.”

Benefits of Yelp Wiif Campaigns

Create highly effective promotions using the automated marketing capabilities of Yelp Wifi Campaigns. Start utilizing proximity marketing by using Set-and-forget personalized emails and text messages that will keep customers coming back again and again.

  • Save time while improving the customer experience and your brand presence.
  • Schedule message delivery days, weeks and months in advance
  • Embed digital coupons within email and SMS campaigns

No mobile app is required by your customers!

Yelp Wifi - Insights

Benefits of Yelp Wifi Analytics

Knowledge is power. The more you know about your customers, the better you can tailor the guest experience to impress them. Yelp Wifi’s Analytics makes it easy for you to collect a wealth of information that you can use to grow your business!

  • Easily interpret information using a variety of graphs, charts and infographics
  • Learn who your best customers are and how often they visit
  • Analyze the health of your business with more than POS data