Palo Alto - Next Generation Firewall

  • Palo Alto next-generation firewalls classify all traffic, including encrypted traffic, based on application, application function, user and content.
  • Create comprehensive, precise security policies, resulting in safe enablement of applications.
  • Only authorized users run sanctioned applications, greatly reducing the surface area of cyber attacks across the organization.
  • Automated security: Innovative features reduce manual tasks and enhance your security posture.
  • Limit unauthorized data transfer and detect and block a wide range of threats.
  • Identify unknown malware, zero-day exploits, and advanced persistent threats (APTs) through static and dynamic analysis in a scalable, virtual environment, and automatically disseminates updated protections globally in near-real time.
  • Unlike legacy firewalls that are based on this “layered security” architecture, Palo Alto next-generation firewalls use a unified security design that classifies all traffic into full context before applying one set of flexible security rules in a single pass.

Next-Generation Firewall Demo

  • Architected to safely enable applications and prevent modern threats.
  • Identifies all network traffic based on applications, users, content and devices, and lets you express your business policies in the form of easy-to-understand security rules.
  • Flexible deployment options in your network, on your endpoints and in the cloud.
Complete visibility into and precise control over your network traffic, and protect you from unknown threats.


Put yourself in the driver’s seat and receive a FREE two-hour hands-on experience on the Palo Alto Networks next-generation firewall with the Virtual Ultimate Test Drive. Ask us how.


Next, request your Security Lifecycle Review (SLR). The SLR examines your network traffic and generates a comprehensive report unique to your organization. You’ll discover the applications and threats exposing vulnerabilities in your security posture.


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