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The creation of long-term value for an organization from customers, markets, and relationships.


Meeting customer changing needs by creating, implementing, and up-keeping a marketing strategy. Be the force of chance.


Programming, enterprise network support, complex information technology problem solving. We are a tech company after all.

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Your development


What can you look forward to?

Cloud Managed Networks places a strong emphasis on employee growth and development, with regular opportunities to talk about your career aspirations and future potential.

As part of our annual talent management process, we’ll talk about your objectives and work on your career development plan to make sure you receive all the learning and development you need.

We strive to inspire every individual throughout the organization to take ownership of their development and career and offer the necessary resources to help. You’ll have a wide range of learning opportunities including technical training, personal development training, leadership training, corporate responsibility opportunities and recognized industry qualifications to support your development. We want to develop our current and future business leaders and we take this responsibility very seriously.

Benefits tailored to you

We offer benefits that are both comprehensive and flexible.  No matter where you are in life – first job, new homeowner, or new parent – you can tailor your rewards to suit your needs to get even more value out of working at Aviva.

  • Vacation allowance
  • A flexible working environment
  • Recognition initiatives
  • Flexible benefits

Our Values

Our values are the core beliefs that are at the heart of how we do business. They guide us in everything we do – from performing in our regular daily responsibilities to making important decisions.

Care More

At Cloud Managed Networks we care like crazy about our customers, each other and the communities we operate in. We look at every issue from the customer’s point of view and actively seek out and address what is wrong – treating the company’s money like our own in order to find the best solution.

Kill complexity

At Cloud Managed Networks we are obsessed with making things simpler for our customers and for each other. Our employees are plain dealing and manage complexity so our customers don’t have to. And, by putting the customer front of mind from start to finish, they make the whole process a breeze.

Never rest

At Cloud Managed Networks we are driven every single day to be edgy, think bigger and do better for our customers and each other. We think creatively, make bold decisions and challenge the status quo. And as well as celebrating our successes, we learn from our mistakes – working together through obstacles to reach our desired result.

Create legacy

At Cloud Managed Networks we strive to create a future for our customers and each other, which is every bit as bright and sustainable as others created before us. We invite every one of our people tomake their own impact and leave things better than they found them. To make decisions they’ll be as proud of in 20 years’ time as they are today.