Cisco Meraki phones are a breeze to deploy, configure, and manage, and it’s completely integrated with the rest of the network.

No learning curve


High-definition, color, 7” IPS-backlit touchscreen display for easy navigation


Integrated desktop mount and adjustable hinge for finding the perfect screen angle


Front and side USB headset ports and 3.5mm audio headset socket

Intuitive interface design. Effortless interaction and navigation.
Contact directory integration
Call history and visual voicemail
Hold, transfer, mute, and speakerphone capabilities
Interactive Voice Response and extension calling
Ad-hoc conferencing
Administrators can easily configure and manage phones using the cloud-hosted Meraki dashboard.
Zero-touch deployment
Remotely configure the device for a user or meeting room with only a serial number.
When plugged into the network, the phone will connect to the cloud and pull down its configuration within seconds and be ready to make calls.

Zero On-Site Infrastructure

Call service

  • Meraki phones are built on a SIP-based architecture, and three licenses
  • Web-based platform available for users to access from anywhere. It allows users to view contacts, view call history, access their voicemails, and dial directly from the browser.

Cloud Architecture

  • The Meraki cloud architecture eliminates the traditional PBX
  • The cloud architecture is built for reliability, security, and scalability.
  • Cisco Meraki supports a 99.99% uptime SLA.

Cisco Spark

A simple, secure collaboration space where you can get things done from anywhere in the world. Connecting your endpoints to the cloud.
Set your teams up for success.
Meet instantly or schedule ahead.
Screen share, white board, and make decisions fast.
Keep talking and sharing in your team’s Cisco Spark space.
Create secure spaces for every team or conversation, and watch how efficiently you work together.
Jump in any time to comment, share, or ask questions.
Cisco Spark: Call, Message, Meet

One tap makes the call.

Spark connects you from any device in the same space where your meetings, files, and conversations live.

Add a new Cisco Spark cloud-based phone system to connect your work spaces and calling.

Connect your existing Cisco phone system to the rest of your Cisco Spark service.

Everything you need, on the device in your hand.

Your teams and tools and the things you make together, in one place.
Meet from the app, your desk phone, your room system, or Cisco Spark Board.
Change devices or rooms without disrupting your meeting.
Keep everyone up to speed with shared files and conversations.
Screen share, sketch out ideas, and see each other in video.
Experience the Spark Board
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